What body type are you?

In line with my section "The curvy basics" establishing what body type you are will make all the difference to your look by dressing for your shape properly.

Apple shape : ( Similar to Jennifer Hudson )

This is a very common shape in women!

The Apple shape is usually defined by the following:

A large chest area.

Round tummy area (undefined waistline)

broad hips/thighs

either a flat or full bum.

Pear shape
: (Beyonce)

Your top half from shoulders to bust to waist are narrow .

Thighs and bum are in greater proportion to your shoulders and chest.

Usually a common in women under the height 5'8

Note: You will find yourself to be one dress size bigger on bottom than on top

Hourglass : (Kim Kardashian)

Only around 8-9% of woman naturally have this classic Hollywood physique.

You have an hourglass frame If your bust and your hips are the same measurement

Your waist is well defined.

Your body makes a perfect 8 shape.

Broad shoulders

Inverted Triangle (
Renee Zellweger)

Your shoulders are the broadest part of your body.

Usually considered the more athletic looking body type

Not much waist definition

Your hips look straight in proportion to your shoulders

Pencil frame
: (Cameron Diaz)

Pencil also known as ''rectangle' shape means your body has little or no curve definition.

Your bust and hips are likely to be the same width

Your legs tend to be longer than your torso

Overall you will have an athletic figure, and even if you happened you gain weight you are the envy of all other body types as your weight tends to distribute evenly!damn you! :)